Tech Ecosystem Partners

Tech Ecosystem Partners

Technology is the foundation of the KPO Industry. However, this foundation is also constantly evolving. That evolving factor has created an incessant need to populate the current industry with the right tech ecosystem partners. Furthermore, to upgrade the existing vendors, the need of empowering initiatives has also arisen. Thus, KPO Council has started several initiatives that encompass everything from vetting the tech vendors to empowering them to provide latest technologies to the existing KPO Participants.

Cloud Platforms

Industry is going through transformation with new Technology trends like Cloud Computing and Digital Transformation. Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of resources, especially applications, data storage (cloud storage) and computing power, without direct active management by the user.

It is a boon for KPO industry, as this has reduced CAPEX and aligned infrastructure spending with outcome based business model. KPO industry success depends on access to these new technologies and we at KPO Council is dedicated to work with Cloud vendors and regulators to ensure KPO industry has access to regulatory compliant access to Cloud Technology

Digital Transformation

Human kind has seen multiple revolution and Digital transformation of industry and its process is one of them. Digital transformation has changed Human behaviour in an unprecedented way and to address this changed behaviour most of the organizations are transforming there business processed to align with Digital first customer.

KPO Organizations are key partners for these businesses and KPO Council of India is dedicated to hand hold its members on this transformation journey by providing important resources like access to Digital transformation consulting, vertical specific use cases and regular interactions with Subject matter experts.

Data Security

One of the latest development in terms of technologies involved with KPO Industry is Data management. The amount of data has increased 10-folds due to many enhanced form of marketing that involves accumulating and processing data that many might consider benign. Amidst these “useless” data, there tends to be personal information of the customers that if left unprotected, can be detrimental to their financial and digital well-being. That’s why, KPO Council of India accentuates upon the Data Security. By on-boarding tech partners, each with their own specialized approach towards protecting the customer’s data, the Council establishes a knowledge collaborative. The Knowledge Collaborative, via a platform, than acts as host to events, seminars and other programs to spread awareness of the latest Data Security Technologies and its legal policies.

Voices of the Experts

“It’s the most important initiative for industry growth”

KPO Council is one of the most important initiatives for the growth of KPO Industry. It establishes a centralized repository of all legal, technical and financial knowledge related to the industry. Furthermore, by giving a legal voice to the needs of stakeholders, it tries to work with the regulatory bodies to simplify the policies to encourage more entrepreneurs to be the part of this rising domain.

jitendra Sharma

Jitendra Sharma

New Delhi

“A legal-oriented approach to growth”

Growth in legal terms is hard to attain, but that’s the purpose of KPO Council of India. By analyzing the current laws in the OSP domain, the council works together with the members and the industry regulators to adapt them as per the current environment. Everyone has the potential of growth and the Council realizes this. Thus, it pushes towards removing many restriction that stand as an obstacle to the industry.

Gaurav Bansal

Gaurav Bansal

New Delhi