Policy Makers

Connecting with the policy makers, KPO Council of India works towards removing the burdening red tapes that stagnates the growth of those belonging to the KPO industry.


Department Of Telecommunication : The Department of Telecommunication is the primary policy maker, and executor when it comes to OSPs. OSP Policies didn’t keep up with time and technology evolution due to communication gap between industry and DOT and with the rise of IT enabled businesses entities, Many policies are becoming outdated. They are increasingly becoming draconian – posing as a great obstacle to the growth of tech-driven enterprises.

We at KPO Council of India are working with DOT for addressing industry concerns and representing industry in consultation for TRAI Recommendation in 2019. We are working with DOT on Adding flexibility to the way an OSP conducts business, during these trying times. KPO Council of India hence works towards getting into dialogue with the policy makers and work towards either updating or altering the laws that pose more as a hindrance rather than regulations.


Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology :

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology is the foundation regulatory body that oversees the development of the IT sector in India. Over the years, it has formulated several policies that are geared towards creating employment opportunities in India. However, their newest endeavour is the most game changing, and the most thoughtful ,MeitY has devised Incentive Driven BPO Policy. Under this policy, a set monetary incentive shall be given upon the creation of each job. For example, for each new employee hired, the Ministry shall provide INR 50,000 to the employee organization. This business model of hire-and-get-incentivized has been a game changer for many organizations.

Such policies can act as a foundation of new policies that make the industries more willing to hire more employees. Working together with the policy makers and the industry experts, the KPO Council of India works towards bringing to light more policies that can make it easier for the BPOs to find quality workforce and more motivated to hire more individuals and spread this industry to Tier 2/3 Cities.

National Skill Development Corporation

National Skill Development Corporation has made some major strides in employment domain over the past few years. By imbuing citizens of all levels with low, mid and high tier of professional skills, it pushed the way for creating a better work force in India. Furthermore, its initiative to provide a singular focus towards 21 different sectors to make them more attractive to private investments, has motivated industry leaders to hire more employees.

In 2020, the National Skill Development corporation has further partnered with Microsoft to bestow digital training to 1,00,000 people over the span of 1 year, bringing in more skilled labour.

As KPO Council of India, we are going to create that becomes more receptive towards such policies to come to light. By making people aware of these policies, and working together with the policy makers to formulate new training initiatives to spread and reinforce IT enabled knowledge, we are going to assist OSPs in maintaining a good quality and quantity of workforce.

Voices of the Experts

“It’s the most important initiative for industry growth”

KPO Council is one of the most important initiatives for the growth of KPO Industry. It establishes a centralized repository of all legal, technical and financial knowledge related to the industry. Furthermore, by giving a legal voice to the needs of stakeholders, it tries to work with the regulatory bodies to simplify the policies to encourage more entrepreneurs to be the part of this rising domain.

jitendra Sharma

Jitendra Sharma

New Delhi

“A legal-oriented approach to growth”

Growth in legal terms is hard to attain, but that’s the purpose of KPO Council of India. By analyzing the current laws in the OSP domain, the council works together with the members and the industry regulators to adapt them as per the current environment. Everyone has the potential of growth and the Council realizes this. Thus, it pushes towards removing many restriction that stand as an obstacle to the industry.

Gaurav Bansal

Gaurav Bansal

New Delhi