KPO Library

KPO Library

Data Protection Act: Overview

Data Protection Act came into existence in response to the existing data protection rules and regulations that don’t take into account India’s proclivity towards digitization. In this blog, we give it’s overview in a comprehensive and coherent form.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the primary advancement that has the changed the way data is perceived and used. The automated perception, the responses to tasks, the bulk data management, and the vast processing power has enabled many organizations to self run without much human involvement. However, just like two faces of a coin, it has both positives and negatives. A bried overview of the advancements in AI and how it can impact the KPO Industry.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has shattered the limits to storage and processing in the modern system. This distributed method of storing data has removed any hardware limits that users once had. The latest advances of this form of computing have gone beyond only storage, for now users have access to nearly unlimited processing power.

The Morphing DOT guidelines

Department of Telecommunication has to change its regulations to keep up with the rapid technological, economical and financial changes, and challenger. Here is the overview of the current view of the guidelines.

Voices of the Experts

“It’s the most important initiative for industry growth”

KPO Council is one of the most important initiatives for the growth of KPO Industry. It establishes a centralized repository of all legal, technical and financial knowledge related to the industry. Furthermore, by giving a legal voice to the needs of stakeholders, it tries to work with the regulatory bodies to simplify the policies to encourage more entrepreneurs to be the part of this rising domain.

jitendra Sharma

Jitendra Sharma

New Delhi

“A legal-oriented approach to growth”

Growth in legal terms is hard to attain, but that’s the purpose of KPO Council of India. By analyzing the current laws in the OSP domain, the council works together with the members and the industry regulators to adapt them as per the current environment. Everyone has the potential of growth and the Council realizes this. Thus, it pushes towards removing many restriction that stand as an obstacle to the industry.

Gaurav Bansal

Gaurav Bansal

New Delhi