About Us

KPO Council of India is a Not for profit organization that exists to act as an interface between the members of the KPO industry and policy makers. By becoming the Industry Representatives for KPOs, KPO Council of India works with policy makers to create a conducive environment for those IT enabled service providers to unleash their potential and achieve the growth that they deserve.

We exist to streamline the KPO ecosystem

India’s relevance and talent pool availability for KPO industry has almost made it a KPO hub of the world. However, the stringent policies, coupled with compliances have added the burden of complications. These are hindrances that stop it from crossing that threshold.

KPOC is dedicated towards curtailing those hindrances and crossing that threshold to help India become the world’s preferred KPO hub.

Our Vision

KPOC is the association that will bring together KPO Organizations , Regulators , customers, Technology enablers and advisors in a knowledge-based collaborative platform. In doing so, we create an eco-system for industry development, recognition, and contribution to social cause of generating more employment


Our Goal Quadrant

Facilitating dialogue between different stakeholders.

Creating a pool of Subject Matter Experts who can represent this Industry and guide us towards sustained growth

Facilitate networking opportunities for the different stake holders on Global platforms.

Providing help to KPO industry in becoming more receptive towards technological and regulatory changes

Voices of the Experts

“It’s the most important initiative for industry growth”

KPO Council is one of the most important initiatives for the growth of KPO Industry. It establishes a centralized repository of all legal, technical and financial knowledge related to the industry. Furthermore, by giving a legal voice to the needs of stakeholders, it tries to work with the regulatory bodies to simplify the policies to encourage more entrepreneurs to be the part of this rising domain.

jitendra Sharma

Jitendra Sharma

New Delhi

“A legal-oriented approach to growth”

Growth in legal terms is hard to attain, but that’s the purpose of KPO Council of India. By analyzing the current laws in the OSP domain, the council works together with the members and the industry regulators to adapt them as per the current environment. Everyone has the potential of growth and the Council realizes this. Thus, it pushes towards removing many restriction that stand as an obstacle to the industry.

Gaurav Bansal

Gaurav Bansal

New Delhi