Our primary stakeholders are the players of the KPO industry that used existing and upcoming technologies to evolve the IT enabled sector as we know it. They are:


The business world is expanding across the corners of the globe, and the domains which are singularly responsible for it are, the Business Processing & Knowledge Processing Outsourcing domains, and Management domain.

The BPOs took the heavy task of conducting specialized business operations that main conglomerates might consider non-strategic. Adding unconventional focus and persistence to the conventional tasks, the BPOs are the bodies that lubricates a business’s path towards growth.

Many of the BPO’s work on specialized knowledge based data processes. For instance, by working Legal data, Health data, Technological data, financial data etc. they have evolved themselves as knowledge processors. That evolution, combined with the perpetual growth of India’s economics, has made BPO/ KPOs the foundation of the IT enabled industry of India.

Standing right at the core of information, it’s through them that information is produced, processed and dispensed across all the IT sectors. Their advanced analytical and technical input is what drives the economy in this age of information.

BPO/ KPO’s classifications under Personal Data Privacy Bill: Privacy is the biggest issue during these times. It’s also the biggest enigma. Standing at the centre of the scale that balances personal dignity with national security, a Data Processor has the most difficult job. It has to connect with the Data fiduciary, and process the personal data of the principle while being bound with the laws of Data Protection Act. Most of BPO/ KPO organizations will be covered under this act as either Data Fiduciary or Data Processors or Both.


In a world forced to obey the laws of social distancing, telemedicine has provided levity. By providing medical care to patients located at far reaches of the globe, telemedicine has revolutionized KPO industry in pragmatic ways. Implementing HIPAA compliant Video conferencing tools, Telemedicine is one industry that deserves the full attention of KPO council of India.

Understanding the value that telemedicine holds, the KPO council of India works to creating a conducive environment that makes the India more receptive towards long-distance medical technologies.


Geographic Information System is the most ubiquitous technological marvel that we have today. By creating a skeletal image of what lies above the earth’s surface, it provides individuals and organizations better understanding of the spatial patterns and relationship. Holding such data empowers the members of KPO industry to create a precise foundation based on precise data that aids the world move forward along a calculated path of growth.

KPO Council of India caters to these players by putting theirneeds in front of the regulatory bodies and helping them network with prominent players in the field.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality has augmented development of every domain. now armed with increased perception courtesy of AR technologies, those of the KPO industry can now perceive venues of growth that they couldn’t before. Such a niche technology is slowly making its way onto the global stage of IT domain.

KPO council of India Creates a conducive environment that makes the members of the KPO industry more receptive towards this perceptual technology.

Industry needs to learn more about this Pivotal Change in their business model and the available technology. KPO council of India acts as a fond of knowledge and support in this regard, pushing the industry towards a growth-oriented direction.

Voices of the Experts

“It’s the most important initiative for industry growth”

KPO Council is one of the most important initiatives for the growth of KPO Industry. It establishes a centralized repository of all legal, technical and financial knowledge related to the industry. Furthermore, by giving a legal voice to the needs of stakeholders, it tries to work with the regulatory bodies to simplify the policies to encourage more entrepreneurs to be the part of this rising domain.

jitendra Sharma

Jitendra Sharma

New Delhi

“A legal-oriented approach to growth”

Growth in legal terms is hard to attain, but that’s the purpose of KPO Council of India. By analyzing the current laws in the OSP domain, the council works together with the members and the industry regulators to adapt them as per the current environment. Everyone has the potential of growth and the Council realizes this. Thus, it pushes towards removing many restriction that stand as an obstacle to the industry.

Gaurav Bansal

Gaurav Bansal

New Delhi